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DFJ02/02A Series


   Model DFJ 02 Series DFJ 02A Series
   Rated AC125/250V 5/2.5A AC125/250V 20/10A
   Terminals type 187(4.75x0.5) 250(6.35x0.8)
   Operating temperature -10℃~+55℃ -10℃~+55℃
   Setting direction Clockwise Clockwise
   Force moment of operation ≤0.5N.m ≤0.5N.m
   Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ ≥100MΩ
   Insulation strength 2900V/1min. 2900V/1min.
   Class of waterproof IP00 IP00
   Setting time range 0 ~ 180 min./270° 0 ~ 180 min./270°
   Service life ≥10000 times ≥10000 times
Applications: can be used for other beauty equipment, humidifiers, electric fireplace, medical equipment and other