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    What is a micro-motor
    Published: 2015-03-19 21:47:31   

         Micro-motor is the volume, smaller capacity, output power is generally several hundred watts motor and use, performance and environmental conditions require special motors. The full name of the special micro-motors, micro-motors for short. Commonly used in control systems, mechanical and electrical signals or energy detection, solving, and other amplification, execution or conversion, or to drive a mechanical load, but also as AC and DC power supplies.
          Micro motor in various categories, can be divided into DC motors, AC motors, since the state angle motors, stepper motors, resolvers, rotary encoder, AC and DC motors, tachometer generators, induction synchronous, linear motors, piezoelectric motors, motor units, and other special motors and other 13 categories.
          Motor is decelerated by the permanent magnet synchronous motor and a combination of built-in box reversible synchronous motor with torque, low noise, small size, light weight, easy to use, constant speed, etc., also can be used with a variety of gear box in order to achieve the purpose of changing the output speed and torque.
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