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    sijia electrical timers of origin
    Published: 2015-03-19 21:43:12   

         In 1876, the British surgeon Mississauga patented a timing device used to control the gas street lights switch. It is driven by a mechanical clock switches to control the gas valve. Initially last week clockwork, after 1918 using the electric clock timer, do not spend the spring.
           Timing of the earliest human tool use is hourglass or water leak, but after the birth in the watch mature, people began to try to use this new tool to improve the timing timers, time to achieve accurate control purposes. Timer is indeed a remarkable invention, so quite a lot of people need to work and time to become a lot easier. People even use the timer in the military side, made a ticking time bomb, timed detonators. Now a lot of home appliances have been installed to control the timer switch or working hours.
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